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XL-MI-O-PL1150 - BIG-1150-0 HDPE 100 GPM Oil Interceptor...
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Product ID XL-MI-O-PL1150
BIG-1150-0 HDPE 100 GPM Oil Interceptor
BIG-1150-0 HDPE 100 GPM Oil Interceptor

Big Max® – 50, 75 and 100 GPM  HDPE Oil InterceptorsBIG-O

Specification: MIFAB® Series BIG- ____ -O HDPE rotational molded oil interceptor with flow rating of ____ (indicate) and liquid holding capacity of ____ (indicate). Unit shall include: 3/8” uniform wall thickness, deep seal trap covered by lid, adjustable lid system, stainless steel calibrated orifice plate (internal flow control), internal air relief by-pass, adjustable oil draw-off assembly (1 1/2”) on each side, double vent connections (3”) on each side, sample port access and 4” no hub inlet and outlet connections. Steel encased composite lid provides a water / gas tight seal and has a minimum of 20,000 lbs. load capacity. The lid is designed in accordance with the loading requirements of AASHTO H20.

Function: Oil interceptors are required anywhere oil and sand may be introduced to the public sewer system in applications such as: repair garages, oil change stations, car wash facilities, parking garages, parking lots, hydraulic elevator pits and facilities where oil and flammable liquid waste are produced as a result of manufacturing, storage, maintenance, repair or testing processes. The interceptor collects the oil before it is drained to an adjacent storage tank through an adjustable draw off system. Typically installed either on or into the floor. Narrow width permits access through doorways and down stairwells. High Density Polyethylene construction ensures a lightweight installation process (two people can move and install it). Regular maintenance is required to keep the interceptor functioning. All Big Max interceptors can withstand a temperature of up to and including 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Price: $5,800.00
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