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Commercial Drain Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is "Email a Quote"?
A: Our "Email a Quote" option on checkout allows a customer who is looking at a commercial drain to quote themselves. There is no obligation to Email a Quote, and we do not require any payment information. Contact with us can then be made if there are any questions, or if a contractor discount is needed. It is an excellent way to have on hand the quote needed while the purchasing decision is still pending. The quote has "21xxxxx" quote number at the top and this number can be referenced throughout the buying process. One the purchasing decision is made, go to our Direct Payment page and pay using any major credit card, or call us for payment.



Q: I am wondering if this product is the right one for what I need?
A: We understand that our wide variety of Commercial drains can lead to analysis paralysis. Many factors go into the decision for trench drain. Our professional sales staff would be happy to go over your requirements and provide you with a no obligation custom quote for your job. Please contact us.

Q: I have a plan and would like to email to you for pricing. Is that possible?
A: Yes. We can review your plan and provide a price. Please email to our sales Contact. Please be sure to give us a general idea of the scope of the job, and any specified drain requirements.


Q: How long will it take from placing an order until delivery?
A: We stock a large majority of the main drain manufactures in our warehouse. If is is a standard product, we normally ship the sale or next day. We ship the majority from Virginia, but we do have warehouses around the country. In general, shipping time is 1 to 2 business days or less east of the Mississippi River and 3 to 5 business days west of the Mississippi River.

Q: I live in Oakland CA, do you have any local distributors? / Do you have any suppliers in or near Washington, DC?
A: We do not have local distributors, but we can ship from warehouses around the country. If you have special requirements for delivery speed, please let us know. Our normal delivery times are the best in the industry, but we may be able to make even faster accommodations if needed.

Q: Is shipping included or how much is shipping to Roseburg, Oregon, and is the pricing on your website the correct pricing?
A: We do charge for shipping. Our Cart provides an estimate for shipping that will be the actual amount charged. We understand that the big thing today is to offer free shipping. Why do we charge shipping? In order for us to offer the absolute best prices, we have determined that we need to add a shipping charge. This makes it fair to our customers who order a small amount and to the customers who need to order a large amount. Due to the weight and size of drains, shipping charges are a factor in total price and should not be hidden. We have made every attempt to get these charges to accurately reflect actual charges.

Q: What would be a contractor price I am a licensed plumber in AZ.
A: We do offer a contractor trench drain discount program. Please check out our Contractors Page and fill out the information. A discount code for orders will then be provided. For faster service, please contact us and we will get the appropriate information to provide a contractor price. If products are already in the cart, use "email a quote" and checkout. Then contact us and we can apply the discount to that quote.

Q: Need to know your process for using a tax exemption number.
A: Our main warehouse is in Virginia. All Virginia sales are taxable unless an ST-10 Virginia Tax Exempt Certificate is provided. In addition, if we ship from one of our other warehouses, a tax exempt form may be needed. We will email if this is the case. If you are tax exempt, and have a certificate, we will always accept it and put on file for the current and future orders.