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Product ID: T1817


Model: T1817

Delta XO Jet Module™ Trim with H2Okinetic Technology

Price: $165.95
Product ID: SGAPDI

 SG-A-PDI Watts Drainage Products SS SERIES pre-charged all stainless steel shock arrestor

Price: $40.00
Product ID: P141381

Fixed Showerhead

Powers141 381

Price: $329.50
Product ID: OB-508

OB-508 Washer  Box White Metal box

Price: $18.95
Product ID: 961LX


X - Integral service stops - allows water shutoff at valve for service

L-Single blade lever handle

Price: $189.20
Product ID: 268048

268048 4" Mechanical test plug

Iron Grip® Bypass Mechanical Plug


Price: $25.00
Product ID: 12354Minilav
12354 Mini lav

Peewee spacesaver Wall hung Lavatory. This Peewee spacesaver  Wall hung lavatory 14 x 12. The Peewee spacesaver  lavatory in White. The Peewee spacesaver has 4" centers for a lavatory faucet.

  • 14"*12" wall hung lavatory
  • Ledge type
  • Concealed front overflow
  • 4" faucet configuration
  • Two conivenient self draining soap dishes
  • Fast aligning one piece wall hanger
  • Wall-hung lavatories
  • Faucet not included
  • White
  • 1 year limited warranty

    Price: $71.00
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